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This is the tool youíve been waiting for if you are a Windows or OS/2 user but still sometimes need the good old DOS, for example for

- older programs
- some great older DOS games, that wonít run under Windows

But you just donít want to overwrite Windows just by playing some old dos games and to install a second operating system on a second partition next to Windows is to difficult for you or just not possible?

This tool let you boot a DOS version directly from a floppy disc and itíll help you to get all necessary drivers for Soundcard, CD-ROM or Mouse configured.

Just go on reading and see, how helpful this program can be:

Over and over again Iím being asked by my friends whether I can borrow them my DOS boot disc, because they either have none or their boot disc is not properly configured for CD-ROM usage or something else. For this reason, I started to create a simple program, that should be able to create a full DOS compatible boot disc including generic device drivers for CD-ROM and Mouse and simple GUI interface for the normal Windows user.

There are several reasons, why there should always be a good configured boot disc in every userís household:

- If the harddisc or the operating systems for some reasons crashs and you are not able to boot anymore from your hard disc, a boot disc with properly configured device drivers can sometimes be the last solution to install a new operating system on your harddisc. How many users iíve met, who formatted their harddisc without thinking of having a boot disc in background to install their Windows again from CD.

- If your system is infected by a virus, itís good to have a clean boot disc to scan your system without any memory resident virus in the background!

- As newer operating systems can nowadays also be installed via CD-ROM directly, there is even a more important aspect then these two: Since the DOS support was definitly abolished since Win 2000 or Win XP, a lot of older dos programs or especially older dos games can not be played anymore under Windows. This boot disc is fully dos compatible, therefore you can use this boot disc to run a dos version directly from floppy disc. For this reason, OpenDOS (private free license) is included in this boot disc creator! Itís also able to read and write to newer partition formats like FAT32 or NTFS.

Easy Dos Boot Creator will not change anything in your Windows configuration! Your windows keeps fully functional!

If youíre interested, go on and look, what this program actually does.


Easy Dos Boot Disc Creator (c) by Basti 2002, built with OpenDOS/DR DOS by Caldera